Hiring Professionals to Help You with Your Garden

Creating a garden from scratch is not easy, especially if you want to develop a large garden. If you are not sure how to get started and all the things that you will need to do before your garden is ready are making your head spin, you can always hire professionals to help you or do things for you.

They can do everything from creating a design of your garden on paper to buying seeds and plants to actually planting them. You can be as involved or disengaged from the process as you choose to be.

If you decided that you will need gardening help, start with looking at the gardens of your neighbors and talk to them about contractors that they have used. Word-of-mouth is a perfect way to find a reliable contractor for a reasonable price.

Ideally, you want to talk and get bids from at least three different contractors. Inquire if the contractors will come and do an estimate for free or if they charge for the first consultation. If they do charge for the first visit, ask if they credit the charge to the job when you decide to go with them.

Ask all of your prospective contractors to submit bids in writing, including material estimates and labor estimates. Also get the milestones and deadlines in writing and address the issue of unexpected expenses and the case of going over budget.

Check references of all the contractors. Many people do not bother to check references because they think that since a person is listed as a reference, they will only say good things. This is often not the case, so do actually check the references. Also, verify that the contractors are both licensed and insured. Finally, pay in installments even if you can afford to pay upfront for the entire job. You want to make a down payment, several installments as the project is coming along and a final payment once everything is done.